Friday, October 30, 2009

"I a Mean Old Witch"

This is the sound filling our house these days. It's a cute little number and quite in the season. But it is so damn funny to hear Nicole singing it. It sort of reminds me of the grinch song but she does it with her not quite formed words and sings her hearts content out over it each time. The lyrics come out a bit different each time but overall it's the same story...

"I'm a mean old witch with a hat
And I ride on my broom with a cat
I have pointy shoes
And my chin does too
I'm a mean old witch with a hat
And you better watch out 'cause I might scare you
I'm a mean old witch, BOO!"

She loves the Boo, even more so if you jump a little after it. Of course when she sings it, the "I'm" is dropped to just "I" and each time she sings it, she giggles every time and listening to her do it that way makes me giggle too. There are even little hand signs that she does with it. I figured she learned it at school/daycare. But it turns out when I was at Aimee's school on Thursday for their Halloween party and they sang this song. So it turns out Aimee actually taught it to Nicole. So it's even more funny that Nicole makes it her own. So when she gets into the Pre-K class in two years that Aimee goes to now, she will be that much ahead of the game.

Of course we are still the family that sings Christmas Carols in the summer because we know all the words.

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